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Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions

NuVasive Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - English

NuVasive Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - German

NuVasive Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - French

NuVasive Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - Greek

NuVasive Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - Spanish

NuVasive Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - Italian

NuVasive® Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - Brazilian Portuguese

NuVasive Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - Turkish

NuVasive Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - Dutch

NuVasive Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions - Polish

Supplemental Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions

Supplemental Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions - English

Supplemental Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions - German

Disassembly Instructions


Affix III Alternate Inserter

ALIF Interfixated

ALIF Interfixated 15mm Straight Awl - D1770720
ALIF Interfixated Straight Adjustable Awl - D1770721
ALIF Interfixated Angled Awl - D1770723
ALIF Interfixated U-Joint Set Screw Adjuster - D1770734
ALIF Interfixated Angled Driver - D1770711
ALIF Interfixated Interbody Inserter - D1725309


Archon Plate Holder
Archon Self-Centering Awl


Armada Screwdriver
Armada Screwdriver 9401532
Armada Screwdriver 9401516


BASE Straight Inserter - D6950000
BASE Anterolateral Inserter - D6950001
BASE Straight Awl - D6959015
BASE Angled Awl - D6959115
BASE Straight Drill - D6959010
BASE Trial Inserter - D6950002
BASE Straight Driver - D6957000
BASE Angled Driver - D6957100


Brigade Releaser Drivers
Brigade Extractor Drivers
Brigade Inserter
Brigade Angled Driver
Brigade Awl


CoRoent Anterior TLIF Offset Inserter – D5195075
CoRoent Anterior TLIF Inline Inserter – D5195105
CoRoent Small ACR Inserter Handle
CoRoent Oblique TLIF Inserter
CoRoent Small ACR Inserter
CoRoent Anterior TLIF Removal Tool
CoRoent XL Angled Inserter

Reline®/ GSB®

GSB Screw Driver
GSB Expandable LS Starter
GSB Pile Driver
GSB Bull Dozer
GSB Fixed Inserter, 90
GSB Fixed Inserter, Obtuse
GSB Adjustable Inserter
Reline Screwdriver
Reline Screwdriver, Cannulated
Reline Screwdriver, Solid
Reline Screwdriver, Solid, Locking
Reline MOD Shankdriver, Solid
Reline MOD Shankdriver, Cannulated - D10000939
Reline MOD Shankdriver, Cannulated - D10000793
Reline Grip Reducer
Reline Fascial Splitter
Reline K-Wire Holder
Reline Head Inserter
Reline Trauma Guide
RSS Cross Connector Holder – 9402538
Reline Silencer – 9402116
Reline Gator – 9402118


MAS TLIF 2 Medial Blade Inserter


MAS PLIF Head Inserter
MAS PLIF Drill Guide
MAS PLIF Interbody Inserter
MAS PLIF Lock Screw Starter
MAS PLIF Head Inserter


Monolith Inserter


Precept Adjustable Inserter
Precept Pistol Grip Reducer
Precept Pile Driver
Precept Bulldozer
Precept Screwdriver
Precept Fixed Inserter
Precept Fulcrum Compressor
Precept Rack Compressor Distractor


StruXure Drill
StruXure Awl, Adjustable


VuePoint Locking Driver

XLIF Decade™

XLIF Decade Taps
XLIF Decade Bolt Counter Torque
XLIF Decade Bolt Driver
XLIF Decade Small Adjustable Awl
XLIF Decade Adjustable Drill
XLIF Decade Large Adjustable Awl
XLIF Decade Translating Plate Insert
XLIF Decade Plate Inserter


X-CORE 2 VBR Inserter
X-CORE VBR Mini Inserter
X-CORE 2 Angled Inserter
X-CORE iVBR Inserter


ALIF Envoy
ALIF Bullet Inserter
Straight Drill
Straight Awl
Shank Driver
XL-TDR® Inserter
Quadrato Offset Inserter
Multi-load Lock Screw Starter
ALL Cutter and Carbon Blade
Posterior Inserters
PEEK Corpectomy Inserter
Lateral Inserter
Locking Driver, Dismantlable
Kerrison Rongeurs
Pituitary Rongeurs
Reduction Tower
SpheRx® II Polyaxial Screwdriver

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