In partnership with a world-class design and consulting surgeon team, NuVasive is bringing comprehensive procedurally integrated solutions to the anterior and posterior cervical spine.



The thinnest plate system on the market* 

 The NuVasive anterior cervical plate (ACP) system is designed to achieve your ACDF surgical goals and help reduce dysphagia, malalignment and adjacent level ossification.  

ACP is procedurally integrated with versatile instrumentation, a complete interbody portfolio featuring advanced porous materials, traditional PEEK and allograft, biologics, the Maxcess C retractor and enabling technologies. 

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Plate stiffness and profile 

Optimized for every level.  

Construct stability options. 


Plate length 

Array of implant options.  

Made for unique patient needs.


Plate confirmation 

Advanced screw offering.  

Locking that enables confidence. 

Advanced Materials Science interbody technology for ACDF 

Adhering to the three core principles of Advanced Materials Science, surface, structure, and imaging, NuVasive has pioneered design and manufacturing methods that combine the inherent benefits of porosity with the advantageous material properties of PEEK and Ti.

Modulus Cervical is a fully porous titanium (Ti) cervical interbody implant designed to provide a favorable environment for bone in-growth1while enhancing visualization compared to traditional Ti interbody implants.

Cohere Cervical is the first and only Porous PEEK implant available in the market, designed to promote bone in-growth2 while maintaining the biomechanical2 and imaging properties of PEEK.   

AMS hero-2

Modulus Cervical

Cohere Cervical 



The most clinically effective technology in the cTDR procedure segment

The Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc is backed by an FDA investigational device exemption (IDE) study, and showed superiority to ACDF.3

The Simplify Disc is designed to offer surgeons best-in-class capabilities for cTDR across key performance functions—anatomic, physiologic motion, and radiologic design.

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Anatomically designed disc sizes.

Lowest available disc heights in the market at 4 mm.*

Physiologic motion 

Unique articulation for variable center of rotation.

Mimics the motion dynamics of a natural spine disc.

Radiologic design

Enhanced visualization through MRI imaging.

Uniquely comprises PEEK on ceramic materials.


The next posterior cervical fixation system—launching late 2021 

Reline Cervical builds off the Reline fixation system, the most comprehensive fixation system on the market, offering versatility and compatibility with enabling technologies.  

Reline Cervical
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NuVasive ACPs incorporate technology developed by Gary K. Michelson, M.D.

CE mark for Simplify Disc is for 1-level only.

*Data on file. Based on review of publicly available materials at the time of this release.

1. Preclinical data on file. Data may not be representative of clinical results. TR 9604787.

2. Torstrick FB, Safranski DL, Burkus JK, et al. Getting PEEK to stick to bone: the

development of porous PEEK for interbody fusion devices. Tech Orthop 2017;32

3. Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc – P200022