Electronic IFU Information

This site provides Instructions for Use (IFU) documents intended for healthcare professionals. Clinical indications of products published on the NuVasive website are subject to individual national regulatory approval.

For ConMed instrument Instructions for Use, go to: http://eifu.conmed.com

For Quantum Ops/DJO instrument Instructions for Use, visit: this link.

For Civco Sterile Drape Instructions for Use, to go: https://www.civco.com/assets/documents/ifus/

The responsibility resides with the user to ensure that the most current version of the IFU is used.

The IFU documents on this site are only valid  on the date accessed.

To obtain a paper copy of current or historical Instructions for use, please contact your local NuVasive representative, or email [email protected].

The Precice System Instructions for use was revised as of November 2021. Please consult current revision of the IFU for updates. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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