Simplify cervical disc

The most clinically effective cervical total disc replacement (cTDR)1
The cervical disc replacement with the highest overall clinical success rate at one and two levels.1

The difference is clear

Simplify Cervical Disc is the only cTDR to achieve clinical superiority at primary endpoints for 1- and 2-levels compared to anterior cervical disectomy and fusion (ACDF). 2

Simplify Cervical Disc is designed to fit patient anatomy, protect facets, and prevent overstuffing. It is designed for enhanced visualization through magnetic resonsance imaging (MRI).3

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Anatomic disc heights
Simplify Cervical Disc features the lowest available disc heights, starting at 4mm, to better match patient anatomies and protect facet joints.

Radiologic design
Simplify Cervical Disc’s PEEK endplates and ceramic core permit detailed anatomic visualization on MR imaging3 postoperatively.

Physiologic motion
Simplify Cervical Disc’s unique biconvex, dual articulation allows for pure translation, coupled motion patterns and a variable center of rotation.

The results are clear

Simplify Cervical Disc has the highest overall clinical success rate for both 1 and 2-levels compared to any approved cervical disc.1

Simplify Disc was approved for 1-level use in September 2020 and achieved superiority to fusion with an overall success rate of 93.0% versus 73.6%. The 2-level approval was received in April 2021 and the Simplify Disc was again superior to ACDF- 86.7% versus 77.1%.2

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Biologic materials
Simplify Cervical Disc offers nickel-free materials and metal-free articulating surfaces, significantly minimizing the risk of metal-wear debris.

Game-changing disc
Simplify Cervical Disc, offered in 12 size combinations, is designed to prevent core expulsion and achieve vertebral fixation.

Superior clinical results
Simplify Cervical Disc achieved superiority to fusion with an overall success rate of 93.0% and a 15-point NDI improvement. 2

Simplify the surgical Procedure

Step 1: Disc sizing

Determine the footprint and height of the disc space.

Step 2: Slot cutting

Create slot cuts for disc placement.

Step 3: Disc placement

Insert Simplify Cervical Disc and finalize placement.

Simplify Disc resources


Click here to download Simplify Cervical Disc Instructions for Use (IFU) Surgical Technique Guide, Patient Labeling, and more.


Reimbursement and coverage

Click here for reimbursement support. cTDR is considered to be a covered procedure by nearly all commercial health plans.

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      Simplify Cervical Disc is not yet available in all countries.
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      2. Simplify Cervical Disc- P200022 and P200022/S003A
      3. MR Conditional per ASTM F2503

      Please refer to the Simplify Disc IFU and Patient Labeling for important product information, including but not limited to, Indications, Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, Risks and Potential Adverse Effects. The IFU and Patient Labeling can be found at