NuVasive specialized orthopedics

The NSO difference

NSO utilizes a proprietary platform of magnetically adjustable implant systems based on its MAGnetic External Control, or MAGEC® technology. From early onset scoliosis to limb lengthening, the implants are adjustable at the time of implantation and are distracted non-invasively over the course of treatment to accommodate the changing clinical needs of patients as they heal, grow, and/or age. NSO technology enables caregivers to customize therapy for patients in a non-invasive manner, reducing the need for further repeat surgical procedures, and providing meaningful improvements in patient clinical outcomes and quality of life.

Precice® system

How Precice works

The Precice system is an intramedullary device that once implanted utilizes an External Remote Controller (ERC) to non-invasively lengthen the femur and tibia. Through propriety magnetic technology, the Precice ERC lengthens the Precice device with precision rate control. Each patient’s lengthening is customized based on the physician’s protocol.

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Limb length discrepancy

What is LLD

Limb length discrepancy (LLD) is a condition of unequal lengths of the femur, or tibia, or both. A slight difference in limb length is fairly common; however, a significant difference between two legs can affect a patient’s well-being and quality of life.

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Patient information

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