SpineTRACK registry

A simple tool for you to track your patients' recovery progress and help you contribute to improving the future of spine surgery.

The SpineTRACK registry is a solution that empowers patients, surgeons, and hospitals

The SpineTRACK (Translating Radiographic and Clinical Knowledge) registry is a NuVasive-sponsored prospective, multicenter, observational data collection quality improvement tool established in 2011.

It has been uniquely designed for spine surgeons to collect comprehensive treatment and outcomes data on all spine patients, regardless of treatment or products used.


Engage in tracking their progress to better understand the benefits of their treatment


Use real-time reports to assess treatment outcomes


Evaluate variation in outcomes to help improve quality and provide the highest value of overall care

The SpineTRACK registry provides:

  • Simple and intuitive data entry
  • A securely hosted and HIPAA-compliant, browser-based platform
  • Smartphone and tablet friendly
  • Role-based logins to allow stratified levels of access to data

Data you can use:

  • Benchmark your outcomes among your peers
  • Quantify length of stay, complications, and readmissions across procedures
  • Track patient satisfaction and other patient-reported outcomes
  • Quantify efficiency and outcomes metrics to help improve practice quality
  • Enable predictive analytics for risk-adjusted calculations

To learn more about eligibility and participation in the SpineTRACK registry, please contact NuVasive Clinical and Medical Affairs.

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Frequently asked questions

Can any surgeon participate in SpineTRACK?

Yes. However, there are eligibility requirements that must be met in order to participate. They include current or prior demonstration of data collection capability, such as employing a designated staff member to oversee the data collection effort, participation in research initiatives, and/or publication history.

How much does it cost to participate?

NuVasive underwrites the costs of the registry platform with respect to software licensing as well as database programming, management, and implementation (i.e., there are no added fees charged by NuVasive to the participating site); while the participating site must provide the onsite resources (staff) for successful utilization.

Is this tool available globally?

It is currently only available in the United States.

What is the process to join SpineTRACK?

Following a formal vetting process by NuVasive Clinical and Medical Affairs to assess for eligibility, that team will work with your practice to obtain the proper approvals (ethics/quality committee, as required). A Participation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement will also need to be put in place before access to the registry platform can be granted.