SpineTRACK Registry

The NuVasive-sponsored SpineTRACK registry is a tool used by doctors that allows patients to input recovery progress and helps contribute to improving the future of spine surgery.

About the SpineTRACK registry

The SpineTRACK registry is a data-collection platform created and hosted by NuVasive that captures important patient-reported and clinical outcomes of patients with spinal disease to improve the quality and delivery of care.

All of the information input in the registry is kept in a HIPAA-compliant and secure site. Every effort is made to keep your identity protected and confidential.

Registries are an important part of how your doctor manages your treatment. Here are the benefits of your contributions:

  • Follow your recovery progress over time together with your doctor, to better understand how you are doing prior to and following treatment
  • Communicate information about your recovery to your doctor, who can adjust your treatment to meet your needs
  • Contribute to the improvement of spine care and help others in the future

Current SpineTRACK registry patients

Complete your questionnaires online using the SpineTRACK registry tool. You must have the username and password provided by your participating doctor.

Complete the questionnaires

Frequently asked questions

What kind of information is stored in the registry?

The spineTRACK registry is a tool that compiles information about your treatment and recovery in one convenient place for your doctor. This includes information provided by you (from pain and quality of life questionnaires) as well as information provided by your doctor: your diagnosis, previous surgery, any nonoperative treatments, your home-care requirements, treatment details, outcome information, x-ray findings, and more.

How is the information that I provide in the registry used?

The spineTRACK registry is used by NuVasive and your doctor to better understand your recovery progress and ultimately improve spine care for others. There have been a variety of publications and contributions to scientific conferences from the data collected in the registry.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes, the spineTRACK registry is hosted by a HIPAA-compliant and secure site. Every effort is made to keep your data confidential.

Who has access to the registry?

Your doctor’s office will have access to your data. Designated staff within the sponsor of the registry, NuVasive, Inc., also has access to the entire registry database. No other participating site will have access to data that identifies you.

How can I contribute?

The spineTRACK registry is only available to patients at participating doctor's offices. If you'd like to contribute, spineTRACK registry.