Uniting to advance patient care

Globus Medical and NuVasive have officially joined forces. We’re committed to providing innovative technologies and industry-leading clinical support to help surgeons and healthcare providers deliver better care around the globe.

We now have one of the most comprehensive offerings of musculoskeletal procedural solutions and enabling technologies to impact the care continuum. Our employees are relentlessly focused on changing patient lives.

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We now have one of the most comprehensive offerings of musculoskeletal procedural solutions and enabling technologies to impact the care continuum. Our employees are relentlessly focused on changing patient lives.

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Outcome-driven innovation

Disruptive innovation is in our DNA. It’s the heartbeat of our organisation.

We innovate for the benefit of the surgeon, provider and patient—driven by our vision and shared mindset—ultimately, delivering clinical, operational and financial outcomes. We partner with leading surgeons to transform surgery, support providers by optimising products and services to advance care, and design an enhanced experience that changes patient lives.


Clinical education redesigned.

By using modern education principles, competency-based curriculum, and multiple learning pathways, the NuVasive Clinical Professional Development (CPD) team and its dedicated surgeon faculty provide an unparalleled learning experience for surgeons around the globe.

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X360 – lateral single position surgery


The Leader in Lateral Spine Surgery

The X360 System, powered by Surgical Intelligence, includes XLIF, XALIF, and XFixation. The integration of these procedures into a single system allows for significant time savings through the use of modern, less invasive techniques performed with the patient in lateral throughout the entire surgery.

  • Reduce OR time by up to 60 minutes1 and save nearly $5,000 per patient in hospital costs2,3
  • Enhance OR workflow and efficiency
  • Reduce time under anesthesia and lower intraoperative risks4,5

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Featured Product

Advanced Materials Science

Through Advanced Materials Science, NuVasive strives to develop proprietary surface and structural technologies to enhance the osseointegration and biomechanical properties of surgical materials.

The breakthrough technologies designed through Advanced Materials Science are rooted in three key principles:

Developing technologies that enhance osseointegration while increasing stability and resistance to expulsion.

Engineering material structures to mimic the elastic modulus of bone while maintaining durability.

Designing technologies that improve visualization on a variety of imaging modalities.

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Modulus TLIF-A

Modulus TLIF-A animation

Modulus Cervical

Modulus Cervical animation

Featured Product


The Reline portfolio represents an evolution of posterior fixation technology designed to facilitate the preservation and restoration of patient alignment, while addressing a vast array of spinal pathologies from an open, MAS, or hybrid approach. Reline is part if the iGA platform designed to achieve global alignment across all spinal procedures.

Surgical Efficiency
Universal Open and MAS solutions created to help deliver an enhanced surgical experience.

Operative Reliability
Multiple surgical options designed to provide dependable strength.

Procedural Versatility
Pathology-based instrumentation to approach a variety of surgical techniques.

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Reline MAS
Image 09
Featured Product

Reline 3D

Reline 3D is a posterior fixation system that unifies traditional deformity techniques into one efficient and holistic procedure. For complex pathologies such as adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, Reline 3D is designed to provide:

  • simultaneous and powerful 3D correction,
  • through a simplified procedure to drive OR efficiencies,
  • with versatile system applications for a reproducible experience.

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Featured Procedure


Maximum Access Surgery (MAS) Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) is a surgical procedure that was developed to provide spinal stability and help reduce pain in the lower back and lower extremities by using a less disruptive surgical procedure.

MAS TLIF 2 is the next generation minimally disruptive, pedicle-based TLIF retractor. It is an integrated procedural alignment solution designed for maximum visibility, functionality, and unimpeded access to known clinical and anatomical landmarks.

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Featured Product

TLX 20°

TLX provides anterior column stability and restoration of sagittal alignment with up to 20° of customizable oblique lordosis from a posterior approach.

Customizable Fit
True anatomical fit enabled by various heights, footprints, and lordotic options.

Controlled, incremental expansion up to 20° secured by integrated auto-lock feature.

Oblique Lordotic Expansion
Anterior column stability and restoration of sagittal alignment with up to 20° of customizable lordosis.

Unique implant profile maintains coronal alignment while expanding in the oblique plane.

Streamlined Performance
One multifunctional instrument designed to rapidly insert, expand and post pack the implant.

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Our Vision

Change a patient's life every minute

This is why we show up every day, united and committed to our vision.

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In order to ensure such compliance, NuVasive has adopted a comprehensive compliance program, entitled NuVasive Global Business Ethics and Compliance Program, which is designed to prevent, detect, and deter unethical business conduct, or violations of law or Company.

The NuVasive Integrity Hotline can be reached in the U.K. at 0-800-591-9068

NuVasive policy statements

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Pulse navigation is not presently indicated for use in cervical procedures in the EU. For important product safety information please visit nuvasive.com/eIFU.