The Better Way Back™

The Better Way Back, a NuVasive program that provides hope, support, and information to patients suffering from chronic back, leg, and neck pain.

The Better Way Back


When patients join The Better Way Back they become a member of the largest nation-wide community of back pain sufferers. As a member, they are connected with a patient ambassador, someone who has recovered from spine treatment and volunteers to give back and help others. They share their experience and provide a first-hand perspective supporting and motivating members from pain to recovery.


The Better Way Back program provides access to educational resources on spine treatments to help demystify conditions, indications, and treatment options. Members will have access to information written by health care professionals based on their own unique needs and timetable through emails, website, and mobile applications.


Through involvement in the compassionate community, patients will be inspired to seek treatment, become empowered to obtain long-term relief, and motivate others to follow in their path.

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