Featured Case: Reducing Radiation with LessRay

In our Featured Case series, NuVasive® will showcase innovative cases and how our unique technology is integrated to create a cohesive system to address key patient pathologies. Our mission at NuVasive is to change patient lives and we are constantly focused on how to deliver improved patient outcomes, increase OR safety and efficiency, and extend our technology to future applications.

In this Featured Case, the patient was a small female who previously had a L4-L5 TLIF in a community hospital. Dr. Olsson performed a lateral L5-S1 ALIF and L3-L4 XLIF with percutaneous screws. He used BASE, Modulus, Bendini, and percutaneous Reline. He utilized LessRay for the first time and realized the user-friendly radiation reduction technology was easy to use. In this first Oregon LessRay case, radiation was at 12.33 milligrays, about a 90 % reduction from what he was used to. In comparison, his other XLIF case with percutaneous was at 110 milligrays without LessRay, showcasing the beneficial impact the technology has within the OR.

Dr. Erik Olsson was influenced by a senior partner who embraced new technologies and could understand and communicate the benefits of XLIF with NVM5®. Despite coming from an open fellowship training, Dr. Olsson said,

“XLIF is so elegant. It’s so reproducible”. His decisions on product choice are driven by the question, “Is this going to drive better patient results and decrease the hospital’s overall costs?”


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