WIRED UK Features Modulus® Titanium

NuVasive took no part in writing or editing the WIRED UK article.

UK-based news outlet, WIRED UK, featured Modulus® Titanium, one of our innovations using Advanced Materials Science. The online and print magazine focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, economy, and politics. They wrote a feature article on the proprietary manufacturing used by NuVasive to print a 3D spinal implant that mimics the porousness and stiffness of human bone.

Traditionally, spinal surgeons will utilize high-performance plastic implants for surgery because the material is radiolucent and has a rigidity similar to bone. Using the principles of Advanced Materials Science, NuVasive engineers were able to create an implant with many benefits of those historical plastic implants, using titanium. This unique process sets constraints, such as weight and porosity, within an algorithm that produces solutions that fit the brief. After the most suitable solution is selected, it then goes to the 3D printer where a latticed, asymmetrical design is produced out of titanium.

To read the full article, visit WIRED UK here.

About Modulus Titanium

The market disrupting design and manufacturing process of Modulus integrates endplate porosity with an optimized body lattice structure, providing a fully porous architecture and favorable environment for bone in-growth1 while enhancing visualization compared to traditional Ti interbody implants in a variety of imaging modalities. Modulus will be available in a number of footprints beginning with XLIF®.

1Preclinical data on file. Test report 9604787.

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