Featured Case: MAS TLIF 2 with Modulus TLIF-A

In our Featured Case series, NuVasive showcases innovative cases and how our technologies are integrated to create a cohesive system to address key patient pathologies. Our mission at NuVasive is to transform surgery, advance care, and change lives and we are constantly focused on how to deliver improved patient outcomes, increase OR safety and efficiency, and extend our technology to future applications.

In this Featured Case, we present an active 40-year-old male with complaints of chronic intractable lower back pain with RLE radiculopathy. The patient had exhausted all conservative treatment methods inclusive of physical therapy and injections without long term relief.

The patient connected with Dr. Blake Boyett of The Orthopaedic Center in Athens, Alabama. Dr. Boyett performed a less invasive TLIF approach at L5-S1 utilizing the MAS TLIF 2 access system. The surgical plan included a Modulus TLIF-A interbody implant at L5-S1 with Osteocel Pro, and stabilizing the segment using the Reline MAS Modular Reduction system. The final construct achieved decompression of the operative level while maintaining sagittal alignment. The patient was released in 23 hours.

“NuVasive MAS posterior systems have converted my practice to care for patients in a more timely manner while achieving the same or better results. It has transformed my surgeries into an outpatient and observation pattern that also has significantly helped my outcomes. During this difficult time, it is especially important to be able to perform surgeries efficiently, while getting patients out of the hospital quickly.” – Dr. Blake Boyett

Through use of the MAS TLIF system, Dr. Boyett has reduced his operative times and blood loss for the patients while maximizing his surgical efficiency and visualization of the operative level. The patient maintained bracing without bending and lifting for 4 weeks. At the 4-week post-op mark he began physical therapy, working on range of motion exercises and isometric strengthening. The patient was able to return to full activity following his 6-week appointment with minimal to no pain.

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An individual’s surgical procedure and recovery may deviate from what is described herein. Each case is unique and has its own independent considerations.  It is the surgeon’s responsibility to discuss all relevant risks with the patient prior to surgery.

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