Featured Case: MAS Midline with Modulus TLIF-O, Reline MAS Midline and MAS Midline Allograft

In our Featured Case series, NuVasive showcases innovative cases and how our technologies are integrated to create a cohesive system to address key patient pathologies. Our mission at NuVasive is to transform surgery, advance care, and change lives and we are constantly focused on how to deliver improved patient outcomes, increase operating room (OR) safety and efficiency, and extend our technology to future applications.

In this featured case, Dr. Hyun W. Bae, Orthopedic Surgeon, The Spine Institute, utilizes MAS Midline access, Modulus TLIF-O, Reline MAS Midline and MAS Midline Allograft to complete a less invasive L4-L5 Midline procedure.

“I think one of the more invasive surgeries that you can do is a midline decompressive laminectomy with a posterolateral fusion with instrumentation. The invasiveness truly comes from the dissection of the posterior lateral gutters. It requires an incision that’s four to six inches wide and extra blood loss from decortication and dissection out to the transverse processes. The less invasive alternative is a MAS Midline with the MAS Midline Allograft to bring the fusion to the midline. The MAS Midline Allograft is designed to lie on the laminae posteriorly after decompression while Reline MAS Midline system is used to achieve a midline fixation without going to or past the lateral border of the facet. “It’s still a posterior fusion and decompression, but done in a less invasive way in order to reduce both morbidity and blood loss.” – Dr. Hyun W. Bae

Patient Background:

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 62
  • History: Patient presented a history of left leg pain and discomfort
  • Diagnosis: Based on patient history L4 radiculopathy and MRIs showed a central and foraminal disc herniation

Surgical Plan:

  • Surgery: L4-L5 MAS Midline
  • Access: MAS Midline access
  • Interbody implant: Modulus TLIF-O
  • Fixation: Reline MAS Midline
  • Biologics: MAS Midline Allograft

“There are cases where I feel that a posterolateral fusion with pedicle screws is all that’s required. However, I do not want to incur the morbidity of the dissection to the posterolateral corridor. Nuvasive’s MAS Midline retractor, fixation, and allograft allow for a thorough decompression with a direct midline fusion through a small minimally disruptive approach.” – Dr. Hyun W. Bae

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