Meet Jorge: ALIF Patient and NuVasive® Shareowner

Over the past ten years, Jorge was dealing with lower back problems. After evaluations with various surgeons, Jorge finally decided that he would undergo the ALIF procedure with Dr. Greg Mundis at Scripps Hospital in San Diego. We sat down with Jorge to hear about his journey with back pain and his recovery post-surgery.

  • When did you realize you needed back surgery?
    • Having exhausted all noninvasive options, it was not until I completed the spine exam course at NuVasive that I was certain that surgery was my best option to improve my quality of life. (Note: The spine exam is a 6-week course we require all Shareowners to take in their first quarter at the company. They learn about NUVA history, pathologies, and procedures.)
  • Is there any advice from co-workers around the office that affected your desire to have spine surgery?
    • Definitely, yes. Learning about the procedures from spine exam class and participating in an XLIF® surgery in our onsite cadaver lab provided the additional insight I needed to make my decision.
  • What does it mean to you now that you’ve become a patient?
    • It’s a great honor and responsibility, it means a lot. In my role I am responsible for expanding our manufacturing capabilities in Ohio to continue providing our customers and patients with safe and effective products to improve the quality of their lives. My quality of life improved significantly and I will do my best to continue helping others experience the best life possible after surgery.
  • How do you feel post-surgery?
    • To be honest, I’m quite surprised of the rapid recovery and immediate positive impact to my health just 30 days after my surgery. Having suffered low back pain and sciatica for many years I was expecting more of a slower recovery and more pain in general. The discomfort from the ALIF incision lasted a few weeks and the back pain/sciatica improved very rapidly. I feel great and super excited to soon be able to resume the activities that I enjoy the most: working out, mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, skating and off-roading.
  • Do you have a new outlook on the change that NUVA brings to patients like yourself? 
    • It’s a whole different perspective, a very positive outlook. We change lives daily and I’m proud to be part of it as a NuVasive shareowner.
  • Any other insight you’d like to share?
    • Having the surgery was perhaps one of the most difficult decisions I made and today I can tell it was the best decision. People like me don’t need to continue suffering from chronic pain and living a life with limitations. We have great options to improve our quality of life. I am proud and humbled to be part of the NuVasive family and will continue to do my part to lead innovation and manufacturing in the spine technology field.

To learn more about the ALIF procedure, click here.

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