Keeping Your Spine Safe on the Slopes

Ski season brings all types of people to the slopes, from novice beginners to expert riders. One thing we can all benefit from no matter what our skill level, is minimizing back pain while hitting the slopes.

Start training early – Experts say that we should start getting into shape six weeks before hitting the slopes. Those of us who are not in great shape to begin with should start a few months early.

Take a warm-up run – Find an easy slope and take that run first. This way you can warm up your body to prepare for the harder trails you plan to hit.

Match slope to skill. – Make sure you ski down a slope that you know you can maneuver. Don’t be tempted to show off on a double black diamond.

Take a lesson – If you already have back issues, it doesn’t hurt to take a refresher lesson on how to ski or snowboard correctly. Some instructors can even provide tips specific for your pain.

After the slopes – In addition to stretching, it is always nice to take a warm soak after hitting the slopes to ease muscle tension. It is also good to ice the areas that are especially sore.

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