Featured article: Here’s how your attitude affects patients

We’re proud to see our team member, Lauren Feltz, featured in KevinMD.com. Lauren shares an original article, “Here’s how your attitude affects patients”, describing the importance of patient care and the passion healthcare workers must have when working in the industry.

Lauren is able to personalize her role in healthcare by her experience as a patient herself. At age 31, she was diagnosed with stage IIIC melanoma, and after almost a decade of working in and out of the O.R., she was suddenly placed in the patient’s shoes.

By being on the other side of the healthcare line, Lauren noticed how much each patient truly relies on their health care professional during the scariest moments of their lives.

People are hyper aware of nonverbal cues when they become a patient.


Healthcare professionals from all levels need to think about not just what they say, but the inflection they include with it. Lauren reiterates the importance of HCPs and how it’s their time to step up to the plate.

Read her full article here.

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