Happy World Spine Day from NuVasive!

Each year, World Spine Day (WSD) raises awareness on spinal disorders around the globe. This year’s global spinal health awareness theme is “Love Your Spine!” Research shows that both poor posture and inactivity are leading contributors to developing back pain and spinal disorders. It is estimated that one in four adults suffer from back pain at one point in their lives, becoming the biggest sole cause of disability on Earth. Because of facts like these, WSD decided this year’s Spine Day should highlight the importance of spinal health and well-being. The focus on physical activity, good posture, responsible lifting, and healthy working conditions are key components to a spine-conscious lifestyle.

It’s important to create changes in your health habits. That’s why we’ve gathered five easy tips on how to better your back, through posture suggestions and other healthy adjustments!

  1. Be sure to warm up! Even a quick five minute stretch will help you loosen up before beginning a workout.
  2. No stand-up desk at work? Every half hour, take a short walk around your office to help your posture.
  3. Lift correctly. When you need to lift something heavy, bend your legs and keep your back straight.
  4. Adjust your monitor height. Most employees have a monitor that sits too low. One recommendation is to place the monitor so the bottom is at the level of your chin.
  5. Don’t cross your legs. When sitting at your desk, try not to sit cross-legged. This makes it difficult for your spine to keep straight and your shoulders to stay squared.

Want even more tips on how to prevent back pain? Check out World Spine Day’s list of resources here.

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