Spine Exam: Educating New Masters of Spine

Every quarter, new employees are enrolled in a six-week course that teaches the anatomy, pathologies, and procedures of the spine work we do at NuVasive. At the end of the course, our Clinical Research Team administers a company-wide Spine Exam to ensure that throughout our organization, every member at NuVasive knows what our products are and how they’re used. The course is broken down to two classes a week, covering topics such as corporate overview, anatomy, devices, systems, spinal procedures, and more.

To some functions, the material may seem remote at first-glance, but a comprehensive understanding of NUVA’s business builds a foundation of pride and purpose in what each employee does at NuVasive. It highlights our core value to “make it personal” in every task we do.

“Since I’m in Marketing, I find learning all of the NUVA procedures, anatomy, and devices super helpful and interesting. It’s also a fun way to meet fellow new employees from all different departments!”

– Mel Ordonez

In Q3, we had over fifty employees studying for the Spine Exam. Congratulations to all of the students this quarter that passed the exam, and a special congrats to our ‘Masters of Spine’ that received an A+: Anna Thomas, Dominika Ignasiak, Garrett Mikels, Hayden Chun, Joanna Zhu, John Suto, John Cortright, Kasey Thompson, Keara Haldeman, Kevin Grimes, Peter Chung, Scott McClay, Sheryl Hughes, Susan Walker, and Yeonsu Ryu. Good luck to our new Shareowners at our Ohio Manufacturing Facility and NuVasive Clinical Services who will be taking it in the coming weeks!

Want a chance at the Spine Exam? Visit our careers page to learn more about open positions within the NUVA family.

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