Our Solution to the Negative Effects of Radiation: LessRay®

LessRay® is an image enhancement platform designed to take low-quality, low-dose images and improve them to look like conventional full-dose images.

X-ray or fluoroscopic radiation has been identified as a potential cause for a host of medical problems. LessRay offers the physician and hospital system the opportunity to use significantly reduced radiation imaging in the O.R.1

With LessRay all O.R. personnel: the physician, scrub nurse, circulator, and the anesthesiologist, benefit from reduction in radiation emission associated with taking low-dose flouroscopic images.


To watch the animation video and multiple surgeon stories on LessRay, click here.

1Wang TY, Farber H, Perkins SS, et al. Internally randomized control trial of radiation exposure using ultra-low radiation imaging versus traditional c-arm fluoroscopy for patients undergoing single-level minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion. Spine 2017;424):217-223

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