EUROSPINE 2019 recap: Top 4 highlights

This year at the EUROSPINE 2019 annual meeting, NuVasive participated as a gold sponsor and showcased industry-leading, procedurally integrated technologies. With EUROSPINE being our largest European tradeshow of the year, we had an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to transforming surgery, advancing care and changing lives through best-in-class technology. For those of you that missed EUROSPINE, we’ll highlight the four key takeaways:

1. Pulse® Robotics presentation

Marketing leader Greg Pellegrino and Surgical Intelligence leader Peter Klemm presented Pulse Robotics to Pulse pipeline customers in the onsite meeting space. NuVasive unveiled the new technology at the September 2019 North American Spine Society annual meeting. Pulse Robotics seamlessly integrates with the Pulse platform and is designed to allow surgeons to perform robotic-assisted spine surgery.

2. X360™ lunch workshop

NuVasive hosted a lunch workshop titled, X360, A Comprehensive Approach to Lateral Single-Position Surgery. We were honored to have our faculty present at the event including Dominique Rothenfluh, a consultant spine surgeon at Oxford University, Jake Timothy, a consultant neurosurgeon and spine surgeon at Nuffield Hospital in Leeds, and Navin Verghese, a consultant spine surgeon at West Wales Spine Ltd. Our faculty demonstrated the use and benefits of the X360 system to over 80 medical professionals.

3. Integrated technology at our booth

We featured several of our latest technologies including the Pulse platform and our X360 system. Pulse is an integrated technology platform that includes neuromonitoring, surgical planning, radiation reduction, imaging and navigation functions, with extensible capabilities for robotics and smart tools, designed to improve a surgeon’s ability to utilize minimally invasive surgical techniques.1 Our X360 system is a comprehensive approach to lateral single-position surgery, which leverages advanced techniques and technologies to deliver patient-specific care, while enhancing operating room workflow and efficiency. The Surgical Intelligence team managed 70 Pulse demos for over 100 surgeons.

4. Modulus® portfolio showcase

With the recent commercial launch of the Modulus portfolio in Europe this month, customers were excited to see the full product line of XLIF, TLIF-A, TLIF-O, and Cervical at the booth. The Modulus implant offerings are part of our Advanced Materials Science portfolio that are intelligently designed to combine the inherent benefits of porosity with the advantageous material properties of titanium.


Thank you to the surgeons, faculty and NuVasive Shareowners that helped make EUROSPINE 2019 a success!


1Certain applications of the Pulse platform are under development and not available for commercial sale; robotics and smart tools are not cleared for use by the FDA.

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