Future Cheetah Cubs in Training

They say that everything you need to know you learned in preschool. We met twelve preschoolers that sure knew a lot when we hosted them at our headquarters. The kids took a tour of our campus and got to check out some of our medical devices. The group visited us from Dot to Dot Academy in San Diego, a preschool and kindergarten that teaches through experiences and experimentation with hands on learning. They visited NuVasive to see a medical lab environment and learn about the innovation taking place in their hometown.

In the rotunda, the kids got a better understanding of X-rays and how they help surgeons navigate during surgery. The group also got to learn more about our MAGEC system and how it is helping kids to have a straighter spine. The kids even got to meet Cheetah, our NuVasive mascot. Cheetah had snacks with the group and was there when the kids did coloring activities and used macaroni to count out vertebrae on pipe cleaners.

“This is the best fieldtrip we have been on.” said Miss Adrianna, their Preschool Teacher. NuVasive team members enjoyed watching the kids get a hands-on learning experience at a world-class facility. The group of kids went home with more knowledge of the industry. Maybe we’ll see some of them again in the future as NUVA Cheetahs!

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