Behind the Cheetah murals: Meet Marissa Quinn

Over the summer, local San Diego artist, Marissa Quinn, created three expansive murals for NuVasive. She combined her love for nature with the Cheetah spirit that encompasses NUVA values. From Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Columbia, Maryland, and now her latest work in West Carrollton, Ohio, Quinn produced unique visions surrounding cheetahs. Our Shareowners in each site are grateful for these works of art that help embody the personality of the company.

“I was taught at a young age to observe and live in connection with marine cycles. The sea runs life through my veins, and inspires me to visually portray nature’s narratives.”

Since graduating from Azusa Pacific University with an MFA concentration in fine art and drawing, Quinn has increased her passion for oceanic dreamscapes coupled with endangered species and environmental degradation. Quinn’s favorite art pieces are when she uses surrealistic pen and ink drawings. The focus of almost every piece belongs in a narrative of extinction and growth in nature. As a full time artist, Quinn is currently working on adding conservation efforts and mural projects to her portfolio.

Her latest fascination within conservation efforts is illustrating biomimicry, “which is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems”. Quinn plans to increase her positive impact on the environment by working alongside San Diego-based marine biologists to help gain better knowledge for her artwork.

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