Celebrating 15 Years of XLIF® at NASS

At NuVasive, we’ve pioneered lateral solutions for spine surgery for over a decade now. XLIF® is the industry changing procedure that continues to transform patients’ lives, surgical practices, and hospitals’ ability to provide outstanding patient results. It is the only lateral approach procedure proven by over 15 years of clinical evidence in over 400 related peer-reviewed articles.

We’ve been leading lateral solutions ever since and have expanded on XLIF through extensive research and development to advance technologies for future applications.

At the Northern American Spine Society’s (NASS) 32nd Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, we celebrated 15 years of this revolutionary procedure. The event was a celebration of the years of effort by so many to make XLIF the leading lateral solution it is today.

  • We’re LEADING lateral. NuVasive continues to be the leader in the field of lateral surgery. Greg Lucier, our Chairman and CEO, and Matt Link, EVP of Strategy, shared NuVasive’s learnings over the past 15 years and the vision for the future of XLIF.
  • We’re EXPANDING lateral solutions. Through the launches of Modulus® XLIF, XLIF Crestline™, and Lateral ALIF, we continue to develop new procedures that our surgeon customers can utilize to best meet their patients’ needs.
  • We’re continuously ADVANCING. Modulus XLIF demonstrates our advancement in 3D printed titanium materials. With the recent acquisition of Vertera Spine, we are excited to further incorporate advanced material sciences into future products and procedures.

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