American Healthcare Leader Features Greg Jackson, NuVasive Sr. Director of Legal Affairs

American Healthcare Leader (AHL) brings together executives across the healthcare industry to discuss how to effectively lead their organizations while remaining agile with the continued changes in the industry. They feature healthcare leaders in four spotlights: strategy, leadership, impact, and progress. Recently, AHL featured our Sr. Director of Legal Affairs, Greg Jackson, in an article about how our legal team supports the company’s innovation efforts. ­­

At NuVasive, we have a mission to transform spine surgery and change patient lives every day through disruptive innovation. We must partner closely with our legal team to protect technological breakthroughs like Lateral Single-Position Surgery or Advanced Materials Science. Jackson knows that innovation is where the company needs to spend its collective effort, so his responsibility focuses on putting NuVasive in the best position to succeed.

Jackson had been accumulating law firm experience at Bowman & Brooke and DLA Piper prior to joining NuVasive in 2016. Greg’s mentors earlier in his career taught him the value of being a true advocate for your client, being responsive, and putting yourself in the shoes of your client. Working at a law firm before transitioning to an in-house position has given him the ability to empathize with working with our company’s outside counsel partners.

Like many of our Shareowners, Jackson has a personal connection to the work we do at NuVasive. His father, a retired Marine Corp colonel, underwent an extensive spine surgery years ago that had post-op, life-altering effects. The technology wasn’t to where it needed to be and fundamentally changed his father’s life in a negative way. Jackson shares, “Had NuVasive been around at that time, it could have been much different.”

The reason Jackson wanted to work at NuVasive was because he was always impressed with the people and the technology from afar. When an in-house position opened, he didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity to help the company accomplish its goals. Working with the different business interests to drive results is one of his favorite parts. “There are times when you need to take a hard line and times when you need to be creative with your solutions to help the business meet its needs,” Jackson says.

Jackson continues to prosper in the broader company’s long-term goals to become the best in spine, while enjoying the continued challenges that comes with working in healthcare.

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