Women in Spine Series: Rosaria, Leader, Europe Operations

Since celebrating International Women’s Day last year, we have grown our #WomenInSpine series with numerous features of our female leaders at NuVasive. This year, we are proud to keep empowering women with the launch of our first Employee Resource Group (ERG), Women in Spine (WIS). This new group is committed to building an inclusive culture to ensure that NuVasive realizes the full potential of its female talent. With our ERG and #WomenInSpine blog series, NUVA aims to continue to celebrate and highlight our female shareowners’ achievements and success.

Featuring our March #WomenInSpine feature, Rosaria, Leader in Europe Operations

What woman inspires you and why?

A woman who has inspired me in a particular way is the Italian politician, Emma Bonino. Since the 1970s, Mrs. Bonino has fought for various reform policies including: women’s rights, family law, religious and sexual equality, and recognition of de facto couples. She has always pursued her political commitment despite criticism, family obligations, and her major battle against cancer.

What advice would you give to other female professionals in Operations?

Operations is a support function that is rarely rewarded. Because of this, we need very solid personal foundations to pursue increasingly challenging objectives autonomously.

The best advice is to be self-confident and trust your personal, professional, communication and listening skills.


In short, never forget to be a woman and make use of the ability to be firm in decisions, but flexible in adapting to the change of the surrounding environment.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

I believe that the main barrier for women is the current vision of leadership that is associated with traditionally male traits. Women should make more of an effort in supporting each other and be the drivers of this cultural change. Each of us should always bear in mind that there is no greater strength than female solidarity.

To be an accomplished woman who faces every challenge with a smile and confidence is the best example of leadership.


How do you think the female perspective benefits our company mission of changing patient lives?

The strength of women is a culmination of adaptability, emotional intelligence, empathy, and listening skills. These characteristics make us particularly attentive and responsive to the mission and common goal of changing patient’s lives.

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

I think the main challenge for women behind me will be to keep working towards a better world in which they don’t need to struggle any longer to affirm their differences and unicity. They must continue to keep a constant commitment to make sure everyone is accepted and valorized without being marginalized by their gender, religion, or culture.

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