In our Featured Case series, NuVasive® will showcase innovative cases and how our unique technology is integrated to create a cohesive system to address key patient pathologies. Our mission at NuVasive is to change patient lives and we are constantly focused on how to deliver improved patient outcomes, increase OR safety and efficiency, and extend our technology to future applications.

In this Featured Case, we present a 55-year-old female with Degenerative Disc Disease resulting in foraminal stenosis and radiculopathy. Instead of opting for a traditional anterior approach that would consist of three positions and up to three extra hours in the OR with another surgeon, the patient connected with Dr. Avery Buchholz at the University of Virginia. Dr. Buchholz decided to move forward with Lateral Single-Position Surgery (LSPS) for this patient consisting of a L4-S1 construct with XLIFACR at L4-5, Lateral ALIF at L5-S1, and bi-lateral percutaneous screw placement.

“Innovations like LSPS from NuVasive help us continue advancing spine surgery and the experience we can offer our patients”, says Dr. Buchholz.


The exposure for L5-S1 utilizing the Lateral ALIF retractor was completed in 29 minutes. Dr. Buchholz was then able to place a Base Interfixated ALIF implant before moving on seamlessly to XLIF ACR at L4-L5. The anterior column correction was followed with percutaneous pedicle screw fixation using the Reline® MAS Reduction screw system.

“Lateral Single-Position Surgery saves the patients time under anesthesia and helps us maximize efficiency in valuable OR space. It also allows us a complete minimally invasive surgery” says Dr. Buchholz


The case was completed in less than 3.5 hours and the patient was able to go home post-op day two. At the three-month follow-up visit, the patient was doing well and no longer had leg pain.

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