TBWB Patient Success Story: Ana

Since its inception in 2010, NuVasive’s the Better Way Back (TBWB) program has been committed to raising public awareness of spine disorders and educating patients, loved ones, clinicians, and healthcare providers about treatment options, including surgery. Changing patient lives and empowering patients to make informed treatment choices are the heart of the program’s mission. In this series, you will hear from some of our own TBWB patient ambassadors who are dedicated to sharing their stories of challenge and hope.


Hometown: Chula Vista, CA

Surgeon: Dr. Ali Bagheri, Girard Orthopedic Surgeons

Procedure: ACDF C4–C7

Surgery date: March 5, 2020


About Ana

Ana experienced pain from the condition in her neck for many years. When attempting to do ordinary chores like folding clothes or reaching to pick something up, her arms often felt weak and shaky because her spinal cord was being compressed. She suffered a constant headache—mild, but relentless. One day, Ana lifted her granddaughter onto her shoulders to carry her, but after a couple of minutes her arms went numb and she felt tingling in her toes. Ana recognized that her symptoms were getting worse, and she decided to see a spine specialist. In their very first meeting, Dr. Bagheri explained to Ana what was going on in her body and outlined a step-by-step surgical solution. “I told him to go right ahead,” Ana said. She wasn’t scared because she’s had her share of joint replacements and orthopedic reconstructions. “My journey has been like eating an elephant in pieces. I’m a transformer! When I pass away, they should put me in a toolbox instead of a coffin,” joked Ana.



Central canal stenosis


Path to treatment

Physical therapy


Procedure overview



Life now

“I feel amazing! Surgery is so much better nowadays” exclaimed Ana! She’s relieved to not feel the old pains and limitations that she put up with for so long. Ana is thrilled that she decided to stay positive and trust in her capable care team.


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