NuVasive® SpineTRACK Registry Reaches Significant Enrollment Milestone Of 10,000 Patients

The NuVasive® SpineTRACK Registry has reached a significant enrollment milestone of 10,000 patients from more than 50 surgeons in the United States since its inception in 2011. This milestone illustrates not only the continued utility of SpineTRACK to surgeon partners, but is also a confirmation of the NuVasive commitment to research, data collection, and quality of care over the years.

The SpineTRACK Registry is a NuVasive-sponsored quality improvement tool that helps physicians track patient outcomes through treatment and recovery. As the longest-running registry currently offered by any spine company, SpineTRACK serves as a comprehensive and collaborative data collection solution for hospitals systems and spine practices.

“We are proud to be a part of this important spine outcomes registry,” said Adam S. Kanter, M.D., UPMC Chief of Spine. “SpineTRACK has become an integral part of our practice here at UPMC and helps us better understand and meet the needs of our patients. With the rapidly changing healthcare landscape and growing importance of data collection, SpineTRACK has enabled us to record and report our patients’ outcomes to provide the best care to our patients, accomplish our academic and research goals, and promote cost-effective strategies to our health system and administrators in support of value-based policy conception and implementation. Incorporating SpineTRACK at UPMC has proven to be a winning addition for all involved: the patient, the surgeon, the hospital, and the health plan.”

The robust data collected in SpineTRACK enables surgeon and hospital partners to use this valuable information when negotiating with hospitals and payers, engaging with patients to track their progress to better understand treatment benefits, and evaluating outcome variations to aid in providing the highest value of care.

“Since announcing the Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) designation earlier this year, we’ve seen a significant increase in the adoption of SpineTRACK by both private practice physicians and hospital systems,” said Matt Link, executive vice president, strategy, technology and corporate development for NuVasive. “SpineTRACK is foundational in our efforts to enhance the patient experience throughout the continuum of care with advanced data analytics. These elements will help fuel the future of Surgical Intelligence™ and will help us continue to revolutionize spine care.”

Meet the team behind SpineTRACK

The Clinical Resources Associates on the NuVasive study operations team help manage this data collection effort and work with our surgeon and hospital partners in the field. From site implementation and training to ongoing monitoring and compliance, this team has been instrumental in reaching this milestone. Read below to find out what this milestone means to them.

What does 10,000 patients in the Registry mean and why is this a significant number?

Shannon: Enrolling patients and administering follow-up is a commitment for practices, which requires a lot of teamwork and dedication to providing quality care and producing outcomes. Our surgeon partners and staff that support this effort should be very proud.

Sara: This milestone is significant because SpineTRACK is a quality improvement tool and with more than 10,000 patients enrolled there is a growing amount of clinical data that can be used to help improve patient care.

Sanders: 10,000 patients equates to hundreds of thousands of hours of hard work and access to a large repository of data that affords surgeons the opportunity to analyze and use this data to better their practice.

Where do you see the Registry in 5 years?

Shannon: I expect to see the Registry double or triple in size.

Sara: I see major enhancements with integration in all areas of our business for better data insights.

Sanders: I think data collection will be the norm and I expect more and more spine surgeons and hospital systems to adopt programs such as SpineTRACK into their daily workflow.    

To learn more about the SpineTRACK Registry and how you can participate, click here.

If you have any questions, please email NuVasive Clinical Resources at [email protected].

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