Meet NUVA’s Newest College Graduates!

Entering the workforce after graduating college is always a challenge. Adjusting to a set work day schedule, relying on coworkers and other teams on a daily basis, and contributing to a broader company vision at all times can be overwhelming. We sat down with our latest graduates to learn about their transition from full-time student to full-time Shareowner at NuVasive.

Meet Aliah, University of California San Diego alum, and Garrett, San Diego State University alum. Aliah and Garrett joined the NuVasive family officially this past month, but have been interning since their summer program in 2017.

What was your major in college? Did you know what industry you wanted to go into post-graduation?

Garrett: My major was mechanical engineering and I did not really have a plan on what industry I wanted to go into. I did automotive engineering activities in school, so that was definitely a front runner. I didn’t have exposure to the medical device industry until a couple years into school, but as I started learning more about it through internships and coursework, I found it fascinating.

Aliah: I majored in Computer Science with a specialization in Bioinformatics in college. I realized early on in my college education that I wanted to work with medical technology because I loved how impactful computer science is in the world of clinical data.

Comparing NuVasive to your past jobs, what makes NuVasive stand out?

Garrett: The culture and people! There is a lot to be said about enjoying the people you work with since so much time in our life is spent at work. I have made awesome connections and really enjoy the fun and fast-paced culture that NUVA offers. Also, having smart and extremely experienced people to learn from stands out as well.

Aliah: Everyone’s ability to motivate and appreciate each other’s work! Our goal to transform spine surgery shows frequently in our company’s work, and we love being able to see that come alive through our products and procedures.

Can you describe NuVasive’s culture in 1 sentence?

Garrett: NuVasive has a culture of advanced collaboration and innovation with entertaining and intelligent people all striving to improve patient lives.

Aliah: A fun and friendly environment filled with various opportunities that allow shareowners to work hard, play hard, and take friendships past the office!

What is something you’ve learned that has helped you succeed in our fast-paced environment?

Garrett: Ownership. Even as an intern I was given the responsibility to own my own projects and push the development of them. Learning that I had to be the mechanism of progress for my individual projects was a big opportunity for growth as a professional.

Aliah: Never go into a task unclear about the end result, stay focused, and always ask questions. Also, stay positive and share positivity with others!

Do you think NuVasive is a good place for new graduates to begin their careers? Why?

Garrett: Yes! There is a huge amount of knowledge and experience that can be absorbed here. Personally, there were new hire trainings that help get you up to speed on the deeper, technical topics that I had less experience with. These were awesome when I was moving into projects since I immediately was able to implement skills I had learned.

Aliah: Absolutely! At NuVasive, there is a constant flow of innovation and it gives young graduates the ability to explore and create inside and outside their field of study.

What is it about the medical device industry that makes your job more exciting?

Garrett: Knowing that what I do and the devices that I work on are being used to help patients. This is an awesome feeling that NUVA continually reinforces. This definitely makes coming to work a fulfilling experience.

Aliah: Being able to work directly with the software behind the medical devices makes my job very exciting because I know the work I am doing is constantly benefitting patient lives. There is never a dull moment in this industry and it is always exciting to see future technological advancements unfold!

Garrett and Aliah began their NuVasive careers in the summer internship program. To learn more about internships, please click here. For full-time roles, click here.

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