Creating the Future NuVasive Workforce

Coffee run for the boss, not at NuVasive. We go above and beyond to cultivate our interns into professionals in their field. Our interns not only gain the skills needed to succeed in their area of study, but we also instill our culture of community and growth.

Access to top leadership, after hour events and project support are all a part of what makes our internship program one of the best in the industry.


“NuVasive has brought out my highest potential since day one. You don’t come into work doing mundane, stereotypical ‘intern’ tasks,” said Kento H, engineering intern at NuVasive. “The work I do here matters. I am constantly growing as an engineer and as an individual.”

Summer intern perks at NuVasive include a Padres game with their managers, weekly lunches with other interns to discuss their experiences, and leadership talks twice a week with NuVasive executives.

NuVasive interns also have a project at the end of their internship that they get to present in front of their broader teams, showing off what they’ve been working on during their time here.

A highlight for the interns is the college day where all NuVasive team members are invited to wear their alumni wear or favorite college sports teams.

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