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Pulse case at Mayfield Brain & Spine
Zachary Tempel, M.D. and Michael Kachmann, M.D., Mayfield Brain & Spine, shared how they’ve seamlessly adopted the Pulse system into their practice. From two-level ALIFs to large complex deformity cases, Pulse helps enable a more efficient workflow through a single platform.
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Clinical data on the Pulse platform
Kyle Malone, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, NuVasive, highlighted the data behind advanced imaging, radiation reduction and navigation offered by the Pulse platform. The findings illustrated how the Pulse platform’s accuracy, safety and effectiveness provided superior results compared to traditional fluoro.1
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A first look at Reline Cervical
Daniel K. Riew, M.D., Weill Cornell University, shared how the design, versatility and efficiency of Reline Cervical will change the way surgeons perform PCF procedures.
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Clinical data on Simplify Cervical Disc
Richard Guyer, M.D., Texas Back Institute, spoke to the data behind Simplify Cervical Disc and the value of smaller disc heights, MRI compatibility, and a variable center of rotation for physiologic motion.
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Case review: X360
J. Alex Thomas, M.D., Atlantic Brain & Spine, shared how his personal time savings with X360 has positively impacted not only his operating rooms, but the time he gets back to spend with his family.
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Case review: XLIF Prone and MAS TLIF
Ashish Patel, M.D., Duly Health and Care, shared how our XLIF Prone and MAS TLIF procedures have completely changed his practice through improved patient outcomes and surgical efficiencies.
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Clinical data on single-position surgery and AMS
Kyle Malone, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, NuVasive, shared our latest thoracolumbar clinical data. From the benefits of a porous surface structure,2-5 used within our AMS interbodies and synthetic biologic, to the operative efficiencies and improved patient outcomes of single-position surgery6-15  we are proving the value of our innovation in clinical application and patient care.
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A first look at Reline 3D
Robert H. Cho, M.D., Shriners Children’s Southern California, shared how he uses the power of the Reline 3D technique to achieve the desired correction for his patients.
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Our Portfolios

Featured Technologies

Image of pulse screens


Single platform. Utility throughout the entire procedure. IONM, global alignment, rod bending, radiation reduction,16 imaging enhancement and navigation in one. Optimized with Siemens Cios Spin.

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Image of simplify disk

Simplify Cervical Disc

The most clinically effective cTDR.* Anatomically designed disc sizes. Mimics motion dynamics of a natural spine disc. Radiologic design.

Learn more See the C360 portfolio

Image of reline cervical screws

Reline Cervical—coming soon

Simplify achieving your ideal correction. Cross junctions with a comprehensive occiput to thoracic offering. Designed for optimized back table efficiency.

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Image of Modulus ALIF and XLIF implants

Modulus family

Porous titanium. 3D-printed. Optimized lattice structure. Enhanced visualization. Favorable environment for bone in-growth.17

Learn more See the Modulus portfolio

Image of TLX 20 implant

TLX 20°

Restore sagittal alignment. Maintain coronal alignment. 20° of customizable oblique lordosis from a posterior approach.

Learn more See the TL Posterior portfolio

Image of a Reline 3d screw

Reline 3D

Simultaneous and powerful 3D correction. Simplified procedure to drive OR efficiencies. Versatile system applications for a reproducible experience.

Learn more See the Posterior Fixation portfolio

Image of ACP plate

NuVasive ACP

Thinnest plate system on the market.** Optimized profile for every level. Made for unique patient needs. Locking that enables confidence.

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Image of Cohere implants

Cohere Family

Porous PEEK. Designed to promote in-growth5.Stronger osteogenic response at the cellular level.18,19 Sterile packaged.

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The West and East Coast Experience Centers

The West Coast Experience Center is the backdrop of the Innovation Event. Both West and East Coast Experience Centers offer competency-based trainings and cadaveric trainings on NuVasive procedural solutions, allowing for hands-on learning experiences for surgeons and their staff.

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1. Eastlack R, Mundis G, Uribe J, et al. An evaluation of the accuracy, efficiency, and safety of Pulse Navigation percutaneous pedicle screw placement: a randomized, cadaveric study. NuVasive white paper. [December 10, 2021]. 9513871 B
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17. Preclinical data on file. Data may not be representative of clinical results. TR 96047.
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19. Torstrick FB, Evans NT, Stevens HY, et al. Do surface porosity and pore size influence mechanical properties and cellular response to PEEK? Clin Orthop Relat Res 2016;474(11):2373-83.

*Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc – P200022
**Data on file. Based on review of publicly available materials at the time of this release.
The Pulse platform can be used in every procedure; however, not all modalities are cleared for every procedure in every country.
Reline Cervical is not currently commercially available in any market. The timeline for availability cannot be guaranteed.
CE mark for Simplify disc is for 1-level only.

For important product information, please visit nuvasive.com/eifu.