Clinical Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a team within NuVasive who are charged with creating and implementing a range of education programs that are designed to enhance and expedite the professional development of surgeons.

Protos Program

Protos training is a one day competency-based training focused on a defined pathology and procedure which includes:
• Faculty case review and instruction
• 1:3 or 1:4 faculty to learner ratio
• Cadaveric sessions
• Access to relevant web-based materials

Delta Program

Delta training is a comprehensive, competency-based training program following a blended-learning approach that is focused on a defined pathology and procedure which includes:
• Specially trained faculty
• Highly-interactive pre- and post-course online modules
• 1:2 faculty to learner ratio
• Practice-based assessment — formal faculty visit to apply competencies to first case
• Communities of practice — extended learning through a web-based, peer-2-peer platform


The insight program is designed to provide our surgeons the opportunity to enjoy a profound, customized visitation experience as they gain an insight into NuVasive, the company, the people, the culture, and our procedures.

Education & training

Clinical Professional Development training

CPD is committed to driving lifelong learning and engagement with surgeons by building trusting relationships, which are based on understanding our surgeons’ goals, ambitions, and aspirations. The CPD team will deliver personalized plans and solutions to support our surgeons’ training, skills acquisition, and professional development with the goal of improving their clinical performance, their patients’ safety, and their patients’ outcomes.

Clinical Professional Development

Residents & fellows program

We provide residents and fellows with the correct and relevant educational tools and materials to enhance their surgical and non-surgical skills. We commit to support their transition into clinical practice.

Contact CPD residents and fellows for more information