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The Better Way Back®

The Better Way Back

The Better Way Back is a community, developed and funded by NuVasive®, Inc, that is dedicated to educating and supporting back or leg pain sufferers and their loved ones. The Better Way Back brings patients, family, and friends together around a common purpose: to provide support, and to motivate patients to seek treatment and get back to the activities they enjoy.

Everyone in The Better Way Back community is encouraged to interact and capitalize on each other’s unique strengths by talking to Patient Ambassadors about their recovery experiences and sharing inspirational stories. Various tools, events, and information are available to keep patients motivated throughout their journey to recovery and assist them in researching treatment solutions.

The Better Way Back is spearheaded by spokesmen Nate “Rock” Quarry (MMA Fighter) and Bill Walton (Basketball Hall-of-Famer), both of whom underwent the minimally disruptive XLIF® procedure. Nate Quarry and Bill Walton are dedicated to supporting other back or leg pain sufferers and sharing their positive stories to help others.

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