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Society of Lateral Access Surgery (SOLAS®)sol_l_rgbk

The Society of Lateral Access Surgery (SOLAS) strives to shape the future of lateral access spine surgery through collaboration among members, exchange of ideas, and the promotion of new techniques that benefit patients. Its mission is to advance minimally disruptive lateral access spine surgery techniques through clinical research, peer-to-peer education, and membership initiatives.

SOLAS was founded in 2006 and transitioned to an independent global non-profit organization in 2015. The Society has welcomed more than 950 members from 20 countries since its inception.

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The Better Way Back®TBWB_LOGO-POS-312c-4c

The Better Way Back is a community that provides hope, support, and information for patients who have undergone or are considering XLIF surgery for back or leg pain. They are also committed to raising public awareness of spine disorders and educating patients, loved ones, clinicians, and healthcare providers about treatment options, including surgery.

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NuVasive® Co-Marketing Resources

Co-marketing tools are available to help spine surgeons and hospitals generate awareness about the unique benefits of NuVasive procedures. Tools include presentation slides, event invitation templates, website content, and more.

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