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Nuvasive Spine Foundation™

NuVasive Spine Foundation

NuVasive Spine Foundation™ is dedicated to providing life-changing spine surgery to individuals in disadvantaged communities across the globe, and advancing spine surgery technology in these communities by training local surgeons.

The Foundation was born out of one of the key attributes embraced by the NuVasive® Family — having an “attitude of gratitude”. This core value was actualized in 2009 when the company developed the NuVasive Spine Foundation as a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting members of the NuVasive Family who were in need, as well as local and national charitable organizations. As the Foundation evolved, it began to focus on supporting medical missions to developing countries. Today, the NuVasive Spine Foundation is solely focused on supporting medical missions abroad, training spine surgeons in disadvantaged communities, and providing assistance to spine patients in the U.S. The Foundation looks forward to increasing its scope and impact as it continues to grow.

Since its inception in 2009 and through 2015, the NuVasive Spine Foundation has been able to provide life-changing surgeries for over 850 indigent patients in over 30 countries, in addition to over 500 hours spent training local surgeons.

Please visit to learn more about the NuVasive Spine Foundation, make a donation, or apply for funding.

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