Row, Row, Row Your Boat Around Great Britain

Have you ever had an idea so crazy that when you told your friends and family, they thought you had lost your mind? That is exactly what happened to four British friends when they announced to their loved ones they would attempt to row around all of Great Britain without stepping foot on dry land during the entire journey.

The team, known as the Common Oars, are raising money for the NuVasive Spine Foundation™ (NSF). Dedicated to providing life-changing spine surgery to individuals in disadvantaged communities across the globe, NSF is advancing spine surgery technology in these communities by training local surgeons.


NuVasive team member Dan Forster, his brother Leo Forster and friends Luke Tasker and Oli Buck set out on May 27 from Tower Bridge in London. They row two at a time in two-hour shifts, 24 hours a day, weather permitting. And weather hasn’t been permitting. When the weather is bad, the team has to anchor in safe waters and small harbors. Rowing completely unaided means they are carrying everything they possibly need, like food and medical supplies, from the very beginning right up until they cross the finish line back at Tower Bridge.

The Common Oars hope to be the fifth group to ever complete this monumental endeavor. As they row on, the group will continue to share their journey online, with amazing sunset views, stories of swimming with dolphins, even discussing what their first meal will be when they are back on dry land.

Way to go Common Oars!

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