Swim Your Way to Back Pain Relief

Summer has arrived and it’s already a warm one. Want to help ease your back pain while staying cool at the pool? You’re in luck! Swimming can be one of the best activities for people with lower back pain and tightness. As an added bonus, it’s a great cardiovascular workout. Joint sufferers and those with back pain have used swimming as a great full-body exercise that has low-impact on the body.

Before you take the plunge into a swim routine be sure to talk to your physician about the best exercise regimen for you.

Check out these tips on the best strokes for getting the most out of swimming without exacerbating your pain:

  • Backstroke: Compared to forward strokes this stoke places less stress on the spine. Be prepared, this stroke does require stronger abdominal muscles, so start working on that six-pack!
  • Freestyle: This stroke is a popular one, but be careful of the extension when the movement is focused on your neck. Too much jerking can lead to neck and lower back injuries.
  • Breaststroke: This is the best stroke for those with back pain. It is great to build muscle tone without overdoing it on the spine.

Experts recommend you start gradually, slowly increasing the distance you swim so that your body and muscles can get used to the new activity.

Now it’s time to start swimming, get that heart rate pumping and blood flowing without putting pain and pressure on your back.

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