The Future of limb reconstruction.

Introducing the Precice Bone Transport system, the all-internal solution designed to treat segmental bone defects up to 10 cm.




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In a partnership with our leading limb reconstruction and trauma surgeons, we aspire to enable you to improve patient lives by making complex orthopedic reconstruction simple. Learn about the system through our exclusive events—made just for you.

A new system built on strength and stability for both better patient satisfaction and a simplified surgeon experience for this challenging procedure1.

Precice Bone Transport brochure


Less invasive solution


Reduced complexity for the patient and surgeon


Designed for a vast range of bone defects

Proven technology—hear from our surgeons 


S. Robert Rozbruch, M.D.

The Precice magnetic technology transformed my limb lengthening practice. Now again, in my early experience with the Precice Bone Transport System, I have had the same incredible experience. Imagine limb salvage, bone defect reconstruction, and bone transport without the need for any external fixation.

Thomas Kern, M.D.

“Large segmental defects of long bones are always a challenge in reconstructive surgery. The common disadvantage is the time needed to develop stable, weight bearing bone and the high risk for pin tract infection if external fixators are used. Now we have Precice Bone Transport —a reliable, all-internal system with the proven Precice magnetic technology which multiple patients of mine have already benefitted from in the last year”

Austin Fragomen, M.D.

“I’m constantly looking for ways to make the patient experience comfortable and uncomplicated during complex reconstructive surgery and the Precice Bone Transport system does just that. It simplifies what is traditionally an intrusive and painful procedure, and it has enabled me to achieve positive outcomes for my patients so they can get back to living normal lives.”

J. Tracy Watson, M.D.

“The Precice Bone Transport system addresses complex segmental defects using the less invasive Precice magnetic technology I already know and utilize often. It's a potential game-changer for my practice and patients.”

Lee Zuckerman, M.D.

“The Precice Bone Transport system prevents the need for prolonged use of an external fixator and lacks the risk of pin-tract infections—which can be significant in patients undergoing chemotherapy.”

Stephen Quinnan, M.D.

“What we have seen so far with the introduction of the Precice Bone Transport System is impressive. I believe this technology is going to provide a powerful new tool for the treatment of segmental bone loss.”

Matthew Gardner, M.D.

“Segmental bone defects pose a difficult challenge for all orthopaedic surgeons. What is great about the Precice Bone Transport system is it relies on the familiar principles of distraction osteogenesis to help obviate common problems with the traditional management of those defects.”

Patient results and recovery may vary.


1. Landge V, Shabtai L, Gesheff M, et al. Patient satisfaction after limb lengthening with internal and external devices. J of Surg Orthop Advanc 2015;24(3):174-9.