A shared mindset

The Cheetah Way consists of our purpose, values, competencies and strategic priorities.


Our purpose—to transform surgery, advance care and change lives—guides our company, motivating us each day to fulfill our vision.


Our values—we think, we do, we care—create a common belief system that we universally share as a company, which supports our purpose. Because we know trust is deepened when we act from the same place.


Our competencies are measurable behaviors that reflect what we value and how we show up to work every day. They inform how we select talent, develop people, manage performance and reward success at all levels. You will fit in as a cheetah if you showcase:



Strategic mindset

Analyzes markets and trends to inform decisions and anticipate future possibilities.

Take initiative

Proactively identifies problems and opportunities, gains alignment and takes action to accomplish objectives.

Leverage differences

Leverages the value that different perspectives and cultures contribute to the organization globally.

Decision making

Makes high-quality, data-driven decisions seeking pertinent cross-functional input from different views.


Applies knowledge and creativity to find solutions and advance objectives.

Continuous improvement

Ongoing commitment to self and others to develop capabilities required for success.

Customer orientation

Builds strong internal and external partnerships while accounting for the cost and benefit to the organization.

Ensure accountability

Follows through on commitments and makes sure others meet expectations.


Demonstrates a positive attitude and openness to change.

Strategic priorities 

Our strategic priorities are to advance technology, deliver the best care available and create value of our stakeholders. These strategies are executed through deliberate action—and help prioritize where we spend our time, energy and collective efforts—delivering on our commitment to outcome driven innovation. 

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