Culture Award Submission

Every member of the NuVasive U.S. Commercial team is empowered to influence results and drive how we do business through a commitment to cultural excellence. Whether it's day-to-day accomplishments or above-and-beyond results, we want to recognize, honor, and celebrate the individuals who are at the core of our success through the U.S. Commercial Culture Award.

*All direct and in-direct Sales Specialists, Key Account Managers, Sales Associates, and Clinical Associates are eligible for Culture Award nominations

Please note this is a voluntary progam


Culture Categories

Extra Heartbeat

  • Going above and beyond what is expected in your role
  • Jumping in to help without hesitation

Sweep the Sheds

  • Displaying humility in day-to-day actions
  • Never being too big to do the small things

Absolute Accountability

  • Holding yourself and those around you to the highest expectation
  • Owning responsibility
  • Challenging yourself and your team to push the envelope