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As we head into summer, NuVasive Clinical Services (NCS) gives you the scoop on new tools for increasing OR efficiency, provides insight on the working relationship of Neurophysiologists and Oversight Physicians, and shows how IOM and the NFL collide.

New Tech + Tools for Your OR

Launched at AANS 2019, NuVasive’s X360 system is the most comprehensive approach to lateral single-position surgery. The X360 system powered by Surgical Intelligence includes XLIF, XALIF, and XFixation. The integration of these procedures into a single system allows for significant OR efficiencies, and time savings through the use of modern, less invasive techniques performed with the patient in the lateral position throughout the entire surgery. Learn more and hear surgeon insights.

Tri-party agreement with Banner Health System

NCS has executed the first phase of a procedural partnership with Banner Health System that will extend to hospitals in both Arizona and Colorado. Effective May 1, 2019, the agreement will provide cost saving opportunities for patients and hospitals and includes IOM coverage for spine, ENT, vascular, and other cases.

Coming soon…
TMAP (Transabdominal Muscle Action Potential) is a new modality launching on the NVM5 neuromonitoring platform. TMAP actively monitors the motor function of the cauda equina and related nerves of the lumbar plexus, aiming to provide predictive information regarding patient motor function throughout the course of all lumbar procedures. Watch it in action.

Industry Spotlight

NuVasive’s LessRay radiation reduction and workflow enhancement platform was voted a gold winner at the 2019 Edison Awards.
Learn more about the working relationship between oversight physicians and neurophysiologists.

Food for Thought

How IOM and the NFL collide
During surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma, Kelly Stafford, wife of NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford, nearly lost her hearing. With the guidance of a neurophysiologist, the surgeon navigated around an anomalous artery, pausing as needed and ultimately saving her hearing and avoiding facial paralysis. 

More on Kelly’s Story

Meet Our Team

Meet Chad
Sr. Neurophysiologist, West Michigan

I love coming to work every day knowing that we have the opportunity to help make a difference in patient lives. We get to establish relationships, educate, and work as a team in order to help surgeons provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

Hear more from the NCS team at #MeetTheNP.

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