Teen Receives Innovative Treatment After Childhood Injury

Always the athlete, Tobin Niblett injured his leg hopping a park bench when he was in the sixth grade. It wasn’t until a few years later that he noticed that one of his legs was shorter than the other. The fracture never healed properly, causing a limb length discrepancy of almost three inches.

For Tobin, recovery time was key to his treatment plan. As a professional golfer on the junior golf circuit, he couldn’t afford to be off his feet for very long. With the PRECICE® system, Tobin spent minimal time in the hospital post-surgery and was able to get back to the golf course in just a few months.


The PRECICE system is an intramedullary device that once implanted utilizes an External Remote Controller (ERC) to non-invasively lengthen the femur or tibia. Through propriety magnetic technology, the PRECICE ERC lengthens the PRECICE device with precision rate control. Each patient’s lengthening is customized based on a physician directed program.

“His treatment was all focused on both achieving the goal and also doing it in the framework of getting him back to his sport as quickly as possible,” said Dror Paley, M.D., Medical Director of The Paley Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Tobin’s lengthening sessions went well, causing no pain with the added benefit of no pin sites that can get infected and need constant cleaning. He gave 110 percent during his physical therapy, bringing the same enthusiasm and effort that he brings to the links.

“I definitely wanted to push it to a point where I could get back out on the golf course,” said Tobin. “Frankly, the leg is now better than it ever has been.”

“PRECICE was the best option for me. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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