The Reline portfolio is an innovative posterior fixation technology designed to preserve and restore spinal alignment. The seamless and versatile design of Reline provides one system to address even the most difficult pathologies.

Clinical benefits

About Reline

The Reline portfolio represents an evolution of posterior fixation technology designed to facilitate the preservation and restoration of patient alignment, while addressing a vast array of spinal pathologies from an open, MAS®, or hybrid approach.

Reline posterior fixation technology is part of the iGA® platform designed to achieve global alignment across all spinal procedures.

Surgical efficiency

Universal open and MAS solutions created to help deliver an enhanced surgical experience:

  • Fully compatible open and MAS instrumentation
  • Seamless integration with NuVasive® power instruments and NVM5®
  • Streamlined rod insertion facilitated by the Bendini® rod bending system

Operative reliability

Multiple surgical options designed to provide dependable strength:

  • Patented Helical Flange® locking technology providing optimal performance
  • Rigid instrument engagement delivering intraoperative dependability
  • Multi-functional instruments offer a flexible approach to help with challenging procedures
Helical Flange is a registered mark of Roger P. Jackson

Procedural versatility

Pathology-based instrumentation to approach a variety of surgical techniques:

  • Implants accommodate multiple rod diameters and materials
  • Anatomically designed kyphotic, lordotic, and tapered diameter rods