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Learn from your peers as they discuss personal experiences with different procedural approaches, the application of technology, as well as ways of adapting to the new situation with COVID-19.

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Attrax Putty: Matching the ‘gold standard’ in bone fusion

This episode of the Peer Insight series will focus on the recent Level 1 Randomized Controlled Trialcomparing Attrax Putty to iliac crest autograft, the ‘gold standard’ in spinal fusions. Prof.  René Castelein hosts this informative and insightful session, in which the lead of the RCT Prof. Moyo Kruyt highlights the key design and significant findings they obtained on Attrax Putty. In this relatively basic line of research, this marks an exciting milestone for Attrax putty and as a result, it is now one of the few ceramics on the market supported by Level 1 evidence to be used as a bone graft substitute. 


XLIF: powerful, predictable, proven.

With over 500 XLIF cases performed, join Dr. Berjano as he shares his insights of this game changing procedure and the value it has brought to his surgery practise. Hosted by Mr. Jake Timothy, this marks the third instalment of the six-part X360 series.

XALIF: flipping ALIF on its side

Want to gain more insights into performing ALIF in the lateral position? Join Mr. Jake Timothy and Dr. Gergely Bodon for a comprehensive review of this innovative procedure. This marks the second instalment of the six-part X360 series.

X360: three procedures, one patient position

Introducing the first episode of the X360-focused sessions in the Peer Insight Series highlighting X360 adoption. In this webinar you will hear Mr. Jake Timothy openly discuss the core values of lateral single-position surgery, and get a better understanding of the X360 procedure and the instrumental value it provides. Mr. Timothy has also invited two X360 adopters—Mr. Navin Verghese and Dr. David Van Schaik—to share their personal experiences implementing X360 into their practices.

Virtual spinal clinics: considerations for developing best practices

Introducing the first webinar in our Peer Insight Series on what to take into consideration during virtual clinics, featuring Mr. Odhrán Murray, consultant orthopaedic spine surgeon at University Hospital Galway and Merlin Park University Hospital Galway, Ireland. In this webinar you will hear how Mr. Murray has used ten years of experience in running virtual clinics to adapt to the current situation with COVID-19.

Reline 3D: powerful and efficient deformity correction

In this webinar, Mr. Stewart Tucker, orthopaedic surgeon at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, will share his personal experience pioneering the broad applications of the Reline 3D system and discuss how it is designed to simultaneously correct all three planes through an efficient procedure for deformity correction.

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