NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics: Providing a Platform for Female Surgeons Using PRECICE®

At this year’s Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America Annual Meeting, NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics (NSO) hosted their 1st Annual Women in Orthopedic Luncheon in an effort to bring together the community of over 50 of our talented female PRECICE Surgeon Customers from around the U.S.  We were fortunate enough to have Dr. Jill Flanagan from Children’s Hospital of Atlanta speak on how she has utilized PRECICE in her practice for the last three years. It was an amazing afternoon of not only sharing their individual experiences with the PRECICE System, but a chance for the surgeons to build relationships with other females in the orthopedic community who they may not have been acquainted with before.

At NSO, we are privileged to have an innovative group of female surgeon customers who are continuing to challenge the standard treatment of care in limb lengthening. We are committed to supporting this forward-thinking community of women in orthopedics by providing them with a networking and collaboration platform. We look forward to hosting future events to encourage the sharing of PRECICE knowledge, expertise, and experiences with one another to continue providing innovative care for patients.

The PRECICE® System is an innovative, market-leading solution to treat patients with limb length discrepancy, limb deformities, and chronic non-unions. The platform consists of an intramedullary device that once implanted utilizes an external remote controller to non-invasively compress and distract long bones. The key to the PRECICE controller is the magnetic interaction between the PRECICE intramedullary nail and external remote control. The proprietary technology includes a complex internal gear system remotely activated and controlled by magnets. This advancement in limb reconstruction allows for a precision controlled distraction phase with the ability to non-invasively customize treatment.

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