NCS Team Manager Provides NVM5® Testimonial

The NVM5 nerve monitoring system is core to the NuVasive philosophy of facilitating reproducible outcomes in spine surgery through the procedural integration of neurophysiology and computer-assisted surgery (CAS) technologies. We interviewed one of our NuVasive Clinical Services team managers, James, to give us insight into using the platform for surgical cases every day.

NVM5 is the only technology available today to combine intraoperative neurological monitoring (IONM) with CAS into a single platform. How does this expedite surgical workflow and advance patient care?

The NVM5 can do everything that other platforms can when it comes to spinal monitoring. The ability to also offer our surgeons information about spinal correction and rod bending, all from a single technology, makes the NVM5 a more complex and clinically useful technology.

What is the training like for surgeons?

The NVM5 essentially requires limited training for surgeons. If the surgeon prefers surgeon-guided stimulation, training is as simple as pointing out a button on the probe or clip. The NVM5 also allows for the neurophysiologist (NP) to control stimulation, so cases can be run the same as with traditional monitoring systems.

What is it about the NVM5 that entices surgeons to try it out?

Our surgeons are generally impressed with the NVM5’s hunting algorithm, the standardized and clinically supported alerts, and the automation of manual tasks which leads to decreased case time and improved workflow.

When surgeons have adopted the NVM5, what added benefit has the technology provided?

Surgeons that have switched to the NVM5 have enjoyed the consistency and speed that the machine provides. Without having to allow for individual NP stimulation techniques, the NVM5 provides standardized pedicle screw testing and streamlines cases.

“M5 has been part of my operative routine for the better part of a decade, supporting several thousand cases. The live hunting algorithm for neurological structures is responsive and reliable in a way that has not been duplicated in the industry. The TMAP motor function is unique, proprietary, and innovative. It’s been indispensable in minimizing complications and optimizing outcomes.”

– Dr. Ronjon Paul, Chair of the DuPage Medical Group, Spine Surgery Department

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