Meet the Innovators behind MAGEC® X

We’re featuring MAGEC® X innovators, Jackie and Toby, to give you an inside look into what it’s like helping drive innovation at NuVasive®. The pediatrics team is committed to continuously advancing the MAGEC technology–a best-in-class solution for the treatment of early onset scoliosis (EOS) designed to eliminate planned distraction surgeries. MAGEC X is the culmination of a decade of research and innovation, resulting in a truly optimized implant design.

Read their interview below:

What sparked the need for MAGEC X?

  • Toby, Engineering: MAGEC is a technology utilized over an extended period of time after implantation, so it can take years to fully understand the product’s clinical performance. While many surgeons recognize this is a best-in-class innovation for EOS, many years of global clinical experience helped identify where we could make continued improvements. Multiple generations of MAGEC have been introduced to the global market with clinically-validated design enhancements, as well as some new improvements, into MAGEC X.

What were the resources required to develop MAGEC X?

  • Jackie, Marketing: We needed an engineering team experienced with the MAGEC design, a marketing team that could gather, prioritize, and validate new product requirements, and years of clinical data to support the new design.

Sometimes the first idea might not be the best idea. Was the original idea for MAGEC X what it is today? If it changed, what necessitated the change?

  • Toby: NuVasive acquired MAGEC from Ellipse Technologies in early 2016 when Ellipse was gearing up to launch a new generation of MAGEC rods. With a new set of eyes on the project, the combined team identified some additional areas to make enhancements and improved the design of MAGEC X before the commercial launch.

What was your favorite part about the design and marketing process for MAGEC X?

  • Jackie: I think we knew the design modifications we wanted to bring to life, so my favorite part of the launch was the marketing campaigns we built for not only MAGEC X, but for the entire pediatric portfolio. We did not just rebrand MAGEC following the acquisition, we created a new identity for NuVasive within pediatrics, and did so with a splash!

What skills were needed to help create MAGEC X?

  • Jackie: From a marketing standpoint, we need to speak the same clinical language as the surgeons to help provide true innovation. NuVasive was not participating in the EOS market prior to the acquisition of MAGEC, so the team had to dive into a completely new space and quickly absorb the clinical language, goals, and challenges. Once we understood the historical clinical data and the needs of the market, we were able to position MAGEC X to have the most impact in the market.

How is MAGEC X part of the need for proceduralized spine technology?

  • Toby: MAGEC X, along with RELINE Small Stature low-profile posterior fixation system, offer a unique procedural solution for the EOS market that did not exist two years ago.

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