It’s a Culture Fit: 5 ways to know if NUVA is for you

As a NuVasive Shareowner, you must be:

Willing to adapt within our fast-paced culture

Being in the thriving medical device industry, our company is constantly evolving. Shareowners are quick to adapt to new facets of their work. Our drive to develop the greatest technology and procedures motivates all areas of the business to act with absolute responsiveness.

Remaining creative to continue to push the boundaries

Innovation is one of the main tenets here at NuVasive. It is what the company was founded upon and continues to drive our culture and products every day. Shareowners are creative, not afraid to ask questions, and pose different methods to improve historic processes. They innovate with the intention of increased efficiency and patient thoughtfulness.

Being a team player even outside your direct team

Shareowners are constantly working cross-functionally to get their tasks done. Having the ability to engage with multiple personalities and departments is a critical skill here at NuVasive. Our culture encourages an open door type policy where Shareowners are able to reach out to anyone, no matter what seniority level they are.

Taking initiative in developing your expertise and learning new skills

NuVasive invites Shareowners to invest time and effort into not only perfecting their immediate job skills, but also developing new competencies on a broader level. Whether that be collaborating on a project with another team or taking outside courses to improve their skillset, Shareowners are eager to push themselves and those around them.

Maintaining a positive and forward-thinking attitude

Despite the natural changes of a growing company, shareowners maintain an optimistic outlook on their role and the organization as a whole. Shareowners know that their work matters and the end goal of any project is to better a patient’s life.

These are five core components of what makes each Shareowner successful at NuVasive. Our Shareowner workforce maintains the NUVA culture through living out these values.

If you think you’d fit into the NuVasive culture and be a great asset to the NUVA family, click to see open roles.

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