Introducing our first #EngineeringAtNUVA: Getting your start in Medical Device Engineering

#EngineeringAtNUVA is a new series that will highlight talented engineers who make up NuVasive Engineering. Every feature will have a unique set of questions to give you the most diverse knowledge into Engineering at NUVA including roles within Manufacturing, Development, Software, and Electrical Engineering. The series is for students interested in the field, for prospective engineers who want to understand our culture, and for those intrigued to meet some of our incredibly intelligent Shareowners!

Our first feature is Justin, Sr. Development & Configuration Engineer in Surgical Intelligence™.

Justin, why did you choose to work as an Engineer in the Medical Device industry versus other industries?

I liked the idea of being in an industry that could positively impact people’s lives in a big way.

How long have you been at NUVA?

I’ve been at NuVasive for a little over two years, all with Surgical Intelligence team. I was a Software Test Engineer up until a couple months ago when I transitioned to Senior Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer.

Is there a specific class or skill that you wish you took or learned prior to graduating college that would positively impact your work now?

I would have taken more classes on emerging software languages and concepts. My college offered an optional class on C# when it first debuted that I skipped, and now it’s widely used for Windows development and a core part of our current software projects.

What was your path from realizing you wanted to be an Engineer to present day?

I always knew that I wanted to choose a career where I would be involved with the development of things. I declared my major as Computer Engineering when I applied for college and followed it all the way through to this day. I was a Test Engineer for almost a decade which was nice because it involved testing software as well as hardware, but I just recently got the opportunity to transition into a DevOps Engineer role here. It’s exciting since I get to learn a whole host of new skills and help design some of the new systems that will be coming from us in the next few years.

Can you share what inspired you to pursue Engineering?

I’ve always had an interest in how things work and am passionate about technology. So Engineering, specifically Computer Engineering, seemed like the perfect fit!

For those deciding on which type of engineering path to pursue, what would be your advice?

Choose the discipline that most closely aligns with your interests. The nice thing about an Engineering degree is that there are plenty of ways to apply it, even outside of what the initial degree is in.

Finally, what makes Engineering at NuVasive unique in your opinion?

The quality of collaboration is unmatched at NuVasive, whether it’s your own team, or teams in other areas.


I work each day with members of the electrical and mechanical engineering teams, and I know that I can always depend on them to deliver quality work, whatever the task is.

Interested in the engineering field at NuVasive? Learn about open roles and what it takes to be an engineer with NUVA by clicking here.

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