Innovative Procedure Treats Childhood Injury

Injuries, like a leg break, can have a deeper impact than initially suspected. That is what happened to Lauryn Kapiloff when her skis crossed on the slopes during a family ski trip and she broke her leg. When Lauryn crashed into a tree, she didn’t just break her leg, the impact also caused a growth plate fracture. This meant that after she finished growing she would have a 2.5 inches leg length discrepancy.


Lauryn and her family were fortunate enough to have a doctor who recommended treatment with our PRECICE® system, an innovative solution that once implanted utilizes an external remote controller to non-invasively lengthen the femur and tibia. Each patient’s lengthening is customized based on the physician’s lengthening protocol. This customizable programming of the ERC allows for lengthening sessions to be performed in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Lauryn’s procedure with PRECICE was performed by Mark Dahl, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, Minneapolis – St. Paul. “There are times that a child can have a fracture at the age of four and you can never see it on an X-ray at the age of 14. The same is true with bone lengthening sites,” said Dr. Dahl.

Lauryn’s mother Tracey Kapiloff appreciated the fact they her daughter didn’t need external fixation. “She could do everything [following the PRECICE procedure]. We swam in a pool, we went and visited her friends at camp. We went to a baseball game and you couldn’t tell there was anything going on with her,” said Tracy.

Lauryn embraced her recovery and journey through healing.

“Now that I’ve had the surgery, it’s just so much better. It’s changed my life.”


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